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When did Sia joined Football Faktory ?

Sia joined football faktory in November 2014 , she came for the trials first, and was impressed by the way of coaching. She joined the academy thereon after the first trail session.


How does Sia rate the coaching on a scale of 10 and how was her experience till now?

She is immensely happy with the quality of training given at football faktory . she gave 9 out of 10 on training. She firmly believes that she can make her career in football, she recalled and told us that when she first saw the training at modern convent, she had a discussion with her mother and she turned up for a casual trail, she was so impressed with the way of training that she  is coming regularly since then, she believes training given by coaches in football faktory is a fun filled training and at the same time focus on fitness and concentrating on developing football skills. Her mother said she can relate this training to standards of soccer schools abroad in UK and US  .


What was the experience of football faktory training on Sia’s life ?

She was immensely impressed, she thinks getting involved regularly in football session improved her physical fitness tremendously, also feels very fit and energetic. She believes that it increased her concentration power and it helps her getting focused on studies as well.

-Mother of Sia





The Football Faktory is a great football program for youth. The fields are always set up and ready before the class starts. The coaches have drills and lessons planned for each session. The coaches are great coaches and know the players well. My son loves the program and looks forward to the days that he is able to play football at the Football Faktory. Although my son plays football everyday with friends and on different fields, the most improvement has come since he has joined the Football Faktory.


- Melanie Chowgule -

(Mother of Ian Chowgule, Age 10)





I am are ardent football fan since I have been a kid. My son discovered football during the recent ISL and since then he is the most passionate 6 year old football fan / follower I know. Following the game for so many years, I knew that since my son was so passionate about the game, I needed to find him the best possible platform to train with at an early age of 5. The reason being is that if he has any chance to take the game seriously in the future, his fundamentals must be spot on and formed at a very early age. I found my answers and much more to the above quest at Football Faktory.


In December 2014, I was introduced to them and was informed that they were looking for some more children of the same age group before they can start a batch. We were given a free session and my son simply loved it. My decision was made because my son seemed to have had a blast and wanted to continue. Fortunately, the sessions started first thing in January 2015. It is only in hind sight now, after analysing this closely that I realised what a good decision it was. Football Faktory has the stamp of co-owner Mark Seagraves’ training sessions. So even if my son isn’t trained by Mark, every person handling him has been UEFA certified as well as trained by Mark. What is so important about Mark’s technique, aren’t our coaches here in India as good? Of course our coaches in India are super, but the difference is that Mark has played in the English Premier League, coached in the English Premier League and hence has above all, competed both as a player and a coach in the very competitive EPL.


Watching each session, I feel that my son and even the older children are exposed to the current techniques being used at the football academies in the UK and Europe. Hence I have had the opportunity to send my son to a structured football training set up of International Standards here in Goa.


At Football Faktory, other than teaching our children the ins and outs of football, they also focus on each and every child individually. They are gentle and care for the children and most importantly, our children through each of their sessions learn lessons in leadership, discipline, team work and concentration. As a parent, it is for me to give my child the best opportunity, post that it is up to him to grab the opportunity and take it from there.  By sending him to Football Faktory, I know that I have given him the best possible chance to convert his love for the sport into a long time career. If he makes it or not, depends on his dedication and luck.


I would recommend Football Faktory to any parent who wants to put their child into football as it is an excellent, professionally set up and above all stable football training academy.


- Nonabel Gomes Estibeiro -

(Mother of Cornell Estibeiro, Age 6)