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Mark Seagraves is the Founder and Technical Director of The Football Faktory, a world-class football school in Sangolda. He’s a former professional footballer who has represented his country and various clubs on the international stage. He has played for and coached clubs like Liverpool, Norwich City, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers, Swindon Town and Derby County, Wigan Athletic, Blackpool respectively. Having over 30 years of experience as a player first and then as a coach in the English Premier League, the international footballer in Goa, Mark plays a critical role in football training for kids in Don Bosco and several other institutions.


The Football Faktory is delighted to have such an international footballer in Goa by our side to supervise the institution and provide football training for kids in Don Bosco.

International footballer in Goa, World-class football school in Sangolda, Football training for kids in Don Bosco
International footballer in Goa, World-class football school in Sangolda, Football training for kids in Don Bosco


Sushila Tiwari is the Co-Founder and Marketing Head of The Football Faktory. She is a goal driven entrepreneur that stops at nothing to quench her thirst for achievement. Being an Army Man's daughter and the Marketing Head of the company, Sushila brings an un-matched combination of patriotism inspired marketing tactfulness to the team that lends an important hand in promoting the company, ethically.


Having worked for MNC’s in sectors ranging from IT to Advertising and holding a Masters degree in Mass Communication and Journalism, Sushila possesses the know-how to add to the working success of The Football Faktory.



David Boddy, the founder of ASIS (Anglo Schools International Services), has now joined the team of world-class football school in Sangolda, The Football Faktory, as a Non-Executive Board member to support our initiative. Being in the Education Industry for more than 30 years in the UK, David brings in a wealth of expertise and knowledge that will continually help TFF work towards the better future of children in India, especially in sports.


A New Zealander by birth, sports enthusiast and trained journalist, David spent seven years in the mid-1970s working for British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, as a political press secretary. Having established a close association with India for over 40 years, firstly studying philosophy under the guidance of Shankaracharya, Sri Shantaananda Saraswati, and latterly as a regular visitor to the International Meditation Institute in Kullu, headed by Swami Shyam, David has dedicated a considerable amount of time in the uplift of children.  He played football  for Napier Rovers in the New Zealand First Division in the early 70s.


ASIS manages a Federation of top UK boarding schools and has announced the awarding of Nine Crore Rupees in scholarships to young Indians wishing to study at high school  in the UK before going on to university. These schools recognize the value of having young Indians on their roll and have been exceptionally generous in the awarding of scholarships.


David will be very instrumental in advising the team for directions in order to help the children at TFF continue their passion of sports while continuing their studies. The team understands that whilst the sport is gaining momentum in India, there is a lot that needs to be done towards the  grassroots development, like our initiative of rendering football training for kids in Don Bosco. David will be guiding the team to ensure that children who take an interest in football in early ages do not compromise on their education, a combination of which will produce a new generation in India. Working from London, he will also advise the company for its future partnerships and associations and will also monitor the funds collected through TFF’s ‘Kick it Clean Campaign’  and ensure justification of the initiative.


The world-class football school in Sangolda, Football Faktory is pleased and privileged to have him on board.

International footballer in Goa, World-class football school in Sangolda, Football training for kids in Don Bosco