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Indian Football had its heydays in the ‘50s and ‘60s when India was amongst the Top 20 football playing countries in the world. During this period, India won several international championships, including the Asian Games in 1951 and 1962 as well as the Olympics, where they stood fourth in 1956.


Since then however Indian football has gone into a tailspin. As it stands, India currently holds the 145th spot among the 207 football playing countries in the world.


What ails us today, is that though a few states promote football at various levels, none are equipped enough to take the game forward. Though the interest is high, with European Football being telecasted nationally; the need of the hour remains to promote this team sport in a manner that it deserves. This however, can only be accomplished by harnessing the Indian talent that has remained subliminal all this while, through professional coaching schools.



It is to this end that The Football Faktory was designed to develop the personal and technical skills of the Indian youth by football training in North Goa.  Via our soccer/football schools, we provide to our students football taining in North Goa to realise and reach their full potential in sport.


We have an experienced team in our soccer school in Panjim of fully qualified coaches, comprising of Indian and foreign nationals, who aim to develop the game from the grassroot level in India. Our soccer school in Panjim offers coaching of the highest standard through football training in North Goa, that is aimed at bringing the quality of skills and technical ability of today’s youth to a level previously not achieved in the country.


The Football Faktory is a soccer school in Panjim, Goa, headed by Mark Seagraves, a former professional footballer who has played for Liverpool, Manchester City, Norwich City, Bolton Wanderers, Swindon Town and coached teams such as Derby County, Wigan Athletic and Blackpool.


During his approximately 2 years stay in India, Mark has spent a majority of his time coaching students at various schools in India and has now decided to take this to the next level with football coaching in Goa at The Football Faktory.  Together with a team of qualified personnels, The Football Faktory, through football coaching in Goa, aims to bring about a revolution in the way the beautiful game is played and perceived in India.